Q6 Garantie

Q6 Guarantee

Dentures from the dental laboratory Rübeling-Klar stand for quality. We therefore go far beyond the required level with our patient guarantee, with a warranty of 6 years.

6 year guarantee (from date of insertion) on:

All types of fixed dentures on natural teeth, pontics and on implants, even if they are parts of a combined fixed/removable denture.
The basis of the Q6 patient guarantee is the inspection of the dentures at least twice a year and the implementation of the prophylactic measures recommended by the dentist.

Warranty exclusion:

Excluded from a guarantee warranty are:

All cases of dental prosthesis that do not meet the above description.
Damage caused by third parties, force or culpable behaviour of the patient.
Culpable behaviour includes improper use and cleaning, self-performed modifications, non-use of prescribed protective splints, as well as non-observance of the check-up visits and prophylaxis recommendations of your dentist (documentation in the Q6 patient passport).
Cases in which the clinical situation has changed after insertion, e.g. due to any kind of diseases of the tooth or the periodontium, such as caries, periodontosis, diseases of the dental pulp (the tooth nerve) and in case of functional disorders of the masticatory organ.
Cases where the denture is removed for a reason other than its failure.
A warranty service is excluded if no complete documentation of the check-up appointments and implementation of the prophylactic measures can be presented in the Q6 patient passport.

Case of damage:
A case of damage is characterised in particular by the fact

that essential parts of the dental prosthesis fail in their function and
the denture has to be removed because of this failure and
the cause of the failure is due to manufacturing, processing and material defects.

Benefit in the event of a claim:

All laboratory and material costs for the repair or removal of the defects of the dental prosthesis by the dental laboratory Rübeling + Klar in the same type of workmanship.
All laboratory and material costs for the new manufacture of the dental prosthesis in the same design by the dental laboratory Rübeling + Klar if a professional repair is not possible.
Reimbursement of services shall in any case only be made insofar as this is not made by the statutory or private health insurance.

Warranty processing:

Cases of damage are to be documented by the dentist who has fitted the denture by means of photographs and submitted to the dental laboratory Rübeling + Klar in writing and in connection with the removed denture and the corresponding patient passport. The patient can also be sent to the Rübeling + Klar dental laboratory for documentation.